Look at what Jesus said...

Jesus said without apology or flinching, “Follow me”.

 Others who followed Jesus were bold enough to say

“follow me

as I follow Jesus.”

About "Jesus"

History teaches that Jesus was born and raised in a common middle eastern home but did very uncommon things. He was born from a virgin, did incredible miracles, was subsequently crucified, speared and murdered as an innocent man. He was then buried in a grave guarded for protection by Roman authorities. The Bible also declares that after three days sealed in a tomb, watched by strict Roman centurion soldiers, Jesus came back to life from the dead. Neither soldiers, nor boulders, nor death itself was able to stop Him.

 He appeared to 500 people in one setting. He walked, ate with and taught many others. Non-christian historians have wrote about Jesus’ incredible impact in human history. Our modern calendar has been divided between BC and AD based on Jesus birth and resurrection. No matter all the evidence, today mankind keeps trying to bury the facts about this incredible Jesus to no success. He continues to show Himself alive in countless hearts and minds of so many worldwide.

What makes Jesus more important than any figure in human history is not just His miracles, fame, but Jesus was more than a man… He is God. Every prophet before and after Him pointed men to God, but Jesus pointed men to Himself. He made audacious statements like: “I am the way the truth and the life” and “If you have seen my face you have seen the Father’s face.” Other genuine men of God were appalled when people tried to worship them as gods, but Jesus did not discourage men to fall down and worship Him, rather encouraged them saying “where are the others?” and “if they will not shout (to worship and exalt as I pass by), the rocks themselves will cry out.” The Bible says that even demons knew Jesus and trembled in fear.

About "The Gospel"

The Gospel simply means “The Good News”

Good news doesn’t seem good when I already have enough good things going for me. So let’s examine the bad news first. The bad news is that everyone of us was born in sin which leads to death.

What is sin?

You know what it feels like when you do something bad. That’s sin in a nutshell. I’m sure we can all agree that lying, stealing, hurting others is bad. It’s not just a learned behavior but it’s something we were born with. If you doubt that, just place innocent toddlers together in the same room. One will be selfish or steal from the other. Another will hit, lie or in any way hurt the other. No one at all had to teach them how to do those things. They just came out of the box that way. By the time they are an adult, that problem is multiplied severely.

Today’s problems are so many: Broken hearts, broken families, depression, lethargy, poverty, guilt and shame. Bad news. Right now, a lot of people are looking for good news in contrast to all we hear and see on television and the paper daily. The Good News, however, is so incredible. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a promise that we can all receive. The promise of change, the promise of hope, the promise of a new life. That promise purchased at the cost of His life. That’s why Jesus Christ came, lived and died…to come heal your problem of sin. To erase all the years of horrible decisions, to give you a another chance. Jesus said “the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, but I have come that you may have life and life more abundantly.” The bible declares that all you need to do is call out to Him, confess your sins wholeheartedly. He is 110% faithful and just to forgive and cleanse of every trace or evidence of your past.

Good News! All he asks in return? Your genuine heart. Jesus said if you confess me before man I will confess you before my Father. He wants a commitment from you. Not just a token religious mantra. This is why the Good News is coupled with more good news. Jesus gave you His church. A church He also paid for by his own blood. It’s a place and a people where you can assemble with living out a new, free and forgiven life.

Look at what Jesus said...

John 10:9

I am the door.

If anyone

enters by Me,

he will be


About "The Church"

In life, we often need the right contact to move forward. In heaven, Jesus said, there is only one contact to move from this life to that. Paul in 1 Tim 2:5 wrote: For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus. Jesus also made this clear when he said “I am the Door.” Also, in Rev 3:20 He said I stand at the door, not as one who stands in the way but as He who invites you to come to Him. Our Church name suggests that Jesus is the only way. He is the portal. He alone is the doorway to heaven.

Our church began when that very doorway opened up to a non suspecting group of people in the 1960’s. Droves of Hippies from across the US searching for answers, began to knock on church doors. Being largely turned away by various church denominations, they were welcomed into the Christian Fellowship Ministries with open arms. They did not fit the perfect church going profile, but they fit perfectly into God’s plan. As they continued to fellowship and teach basic bible principles they set on a course to live for God, leaving behind old traditions and simply pursuing a genuine desire to serve God telling others about His wonderful plan of salvation.

Jesus said “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” He has indeed left us a powerful pattern for church fellowship by which we can be strengthened, have community and find shelter. This fellowship, which began with Pastor Wayman Mitchell, has now inspired and mobilized many pastors, evangelists , ministry workers and outreach teams who labor for the Gospel worldwide. The Church is a place to come and find transformation, meaning and refuge from a trouble-filled world. At The Door, there are many testimonies of the wonderful power of God changing hearts, lives and entire families.